I believe in the existence of a single art that contains within itself the essence of all the others. There are no boundaries between dance, painting, music,… there are only light and nuanced passages that bind them together since their existence. Separated and divided so that one does not contaminate the other, the time has come to reunite them because only in this way will the human being be able to experience his own potential and from this unity will arise over time the art that we can already foresee today, the true Art Monumental.

All means are sacred if they are intimately necessary. All means are wrong if they do not arise from internal necessity…everything, especially at the beginning, is a matter of feelings. Only feeling, especially at the beginning of the journey, creates true Art. If the general structure can also be specified in theory, that something extra which constitutes the true soul (and partly the essence) of creation cannot be found or created with theory, if it is not inspired by feeling during the creative act…we can see that the large or small problems of any artistic expression will depend on interiority” (W. Kandinsky).

It is not necessary to be a professional dancer or artist to be able to undertake a personal journey through the tools of art, research is an internal journey and mainly requires courage and determination like a journey towards a “waste land” dear to Eliot, with a only recommendation “all roads are good as long as they have a heart” (don Juan)

Dance is one path among the many existing ones and those who dance are a channel, through which emotions and interiorities never explored with words flow and those who expose their body and themselves to movement do nothing other than obey the saying of Socrates “know thyself”.


Throughout my life I have experimented with every type of art, I have painted, sculpted stone, woven threads, sewn, sung, played, danced and I have magically discovered how there is a single thread that held together every type of art, my emotion. All these were not only instruments of self-expression, but at the same time what I created, sculpted, painted or danced outside also created transformation inside me and therefore in my life.

There were moments in which I woke up at dawn and spent a whole day in the cold sculpting blocks of rigid and arid stone, because there was an excess in me that needed to be removed, sometimes I found myself spending entire afternoons with my head bowed over a loom to weave threads that had become tangled, or moments in which the painting woke me up at night because it was necessary for suffering to find their place outside of me and days in which the body lay down on the ground on a wooden floor and danced , he danced, without a time but because he needed to be cradled and cared for by the earth.

For years I have been organizing dance therapy and dance art courses, where dance becomes a tool for experimentation and personal research and, combined with art, elevates its power, giving the possibility of observing ourselves from multiple points of view and exploring our interiority through the use of different languages.

The arts, whatever they are, help us to come into contact with deeper parts of us, with our true essence, therefore what we are and what we want to become, helps us to find our way again, through self-confidence and in our ability to feel.


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